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We offer Resident Services in all buildings

We at Nebel Property Management Inc. are always working to provide the best possible service to our communities.  We arrange for entertainment and monthly informational meetings, as well as providing a Service Coordinator to help residents.

Service Coordination is available to inform and connect all residents to services that are available as well as helping residents to save money and live a healthy life.  The Service Coordinator is also working with tenants, giving them the resources they need to obtain services and live a fulfilling lifestyle.

Fall River Section 8

Hudner Building

Low income elderly and disabled residents


145 Old 2nd Street

Fall River, MA 02721

Fall River Section 8

St. Mathieu's Apartments

Low income elderly and disabled residents


221 Wellington Street

Fall River, MA 02720

New Bedford Section 8

Dawson Building

Low income residents


1851 Purchase Street

New Bedford, MA 02740

Worcester Section 8

Piedmont Brightside Apartments

Low income residents


2 King St, Worcester, MA 01610


108-110, 112-114 Piedmont Street

Worcester, MA 01609

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