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Nebel Property Management Inc. is a family company dedicated to helping those in need.  We are always striving to give our tenants the best in affordable housing, because it is our mission to provide a safe, clean, healthy, and low cost residence.  We are proud to say that our employees are always surpassing the status quo and providing exceptional service.  Nebel Property Management Inc. is a company that intends to carry on our tradition of excellent service on into the future, and we are excited for what the future will bring!

Hudner Building Fall River MA
St. Mathieu's Apartments Fall River MA
Dawson Building New Bedford MA
Piedmont Brightside Apartments Worcester MA

We value our tenants, not just as tenants, but as people, people who come with their own story and bring something new to our buildings.  Every tenant is a valued member of our community, which is why we are always working to provide the best service.  We are committed to a pattern of excellence, and we are grateful for the diversity and talent brought by our employees.

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